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Amoeba is quite new to setting, but you wouldn’t know it from this delightful puzzle. Full of wit and imaginative ideas, this makes for an entertaining solve. Favourite clues: 27 across and 3 down. (PDF version)


Perhaps Larkin returned, taking in a quiet café (7)
5 Agitate a Twitch obsessive (7)
9 Greek character occasionally gains hope now, making do (7)
10 By the canal, a vibrator disrupted a murder! (7)
11 Romeo spends money, and is in charge of necessary expenses (9)
12 Haul of heroin, ecstasy, and Viagra exaggerated at first (5)
13 Financial journal covers Universal Credit after foodbank initiative starts (9)
16 Orders starter of elk fat (5)
17 Stylish trinket (5)
19 Unstructured part of newspaper containing repetitive points scrapped at last (4-5)
22 Country to pay ogre back, oddly (5)
23 Reassure losing son in tight quarter-finals he’ll keep the money (9)
26 Gold dish swapped for table (7)
27 Previously more noble? (7)
28 Gathers ladies’ man is popular (5,2)
29 Cut down Supreme Court, yet tips the Democrat (7)

Take to task and mark as completed (4,3)
2 Plant is in need after beginning of August (7)
3 TV detective swaps theory, initially, for new intuition (5)
4 Beast imprisoned in Spandau (5)
5 Release class without specific instructions (9)
6 Following point, maybe Lewandowski’s top of the world! (5,4)
7 Secretary’s endless disorganisation leads to housing row (7)
8 Rival politician penetrates heartless heavenly body – eye-opening! (7)
14 Consul set out lots (9)
15 Command doctor to rub aunt (5,4)
17 British outcast swallows electronic device (7)
18 Trek after bird, dangerously cross (7)
20 Muslim brought up socialist in contrast to Rishi, essentially (7)
21 A shade cryptic, upsetting the German (4,3)
24 These aren’t odds – or are they? (5)
25 Middle-class Republican in heaven: ironic! (5)