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Baldur’s first puzzle displays some clever and intricate wordplay, making for a fun solve. I particularly liked 1 down and the neatly deceptive 18 across. (PDF version)


Call for assistance – ring is nothing special (2-2)
3 Look in empty bungalow for sock (4)
6 Devastation caused by something that gets smashed in the house (5)
10 Astonished by article on Europe and America’s “indistinguishable mass of people” (9)
11 Wraps no-frills bungs in packaging from linguini (5)
12 Regret returning top grade boomerangs when residing in this part of the North (7)
13 Modern bowl showing a city with insomnia? (3,4)
14 Ruin peer, making head of Government king (4)
16 Mark taking heart from crumbs left by adults regularly (6)
18 With the help of 6a (3)
21 Result of endless Hock, perhaps (3)
22 Unsettled aristocrat leaves yearly for the Orient (6)
23 Waste content is intrinsic to pleasure activity (4)
25 Retrograde step following king to Northumbria, perhaps, to enforce illegal punishment (7)
27 Others also repelled after ten past five by abuse (7)
29 Hazel’s disagreement with Pole, starting with a touch of bawdiness (5)
30 Small misdemeanour involves periodical free-for-all (9)
31 Macho partner for sun dance announced (5)
32 In addition, check Abramovich’s capital being withdrawn from Chelsea (4)
33 Like that tolbooth on vacation to America? (4)

Wear Crocs out as a way of putting off the birds (9)
2 Shoot weapon (5)
4 Pronounced way of opening toilet by Ms Farrow leads to complaint (9)
5 Come to M’s successor following vigil (5)
6 One in two comedians aren’t the brightest (4-4)
7 Parvenu ultimately gets into vehicle insurance in City (9)
8 Sound beginnings to campaign liberating island near Kabul (5)
9 Secretly store son’s facial hair (5)
15 Duke to potentially go under, the last character working being drunk (6,3)
17 Ruin vista building defence against worms, say (9)
19 Appreciation of products found in a lake (9)
20 Lily, say hello to Cynthia (8)
24 Teaching master to follow trail (5)
25 Part of motorbike babysitter used as dish (5)
26 Old-fashioned way to someone’s heart (5)
28 A sponge is very wet (5)