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It’s one thing to fit a theme to the surface readings of some of the clues, quite another to make all of them relate to the theme. It’s even more of an achievement to avoid clunkiness and obvious shoehorning when doing this. Grecian has done a superb job here, and this puzzle is an exemplar for any setter attempting to produce a complete set of themed clues. Favourites: 15 and 32 across. PDF version


Dr No’s retrograde satellite (4)
9 Part of Domino is yearning for ear–piercing (5)
10 Bond arrests Rosa Klebb’s leaders in bay (4)
11 Jinx got high without opening sugar (6)
12 Solitaire in audition for clients (8)
13 Jaws takes short trip to discuss business (4,4)
15 Maybe Anya Amasova’s last to opt out (6)
17 Honey Ryder’s rear teased cast (7)
19 James intoxicated by Tiffany Case’s splendour (7)
22 Openings of kimono not ideally covering Kissy Suzuki’s underwear (6)
24 Inspecting car can lead to Goldfinger (8)
26 Stretches are Bond’s exercises (8)
28 Fast time secured by exhausted Pussy Galore (6)
30 Bond’s back and very pleased with himself (4)
31 Hugo Drax initially wasted money (5)
32 M’s successor interrupts Bond to make a point (4)

Bond is yellow by the sound of it (4)
2 Bond uncovered eye witness (8)
3 When James dislocated jaw escaping trap (6)
4 Moneypenny following yours truly in battered Polo – it’s a runner! (7)
5 Bond and Octopussy finally rebuilt patios in 1984? (8)
6 Oddjob banks plane over Cuba target (6)
7 Blofeld’s essentially a traitor in society (4)
14 Dined at home with Alec Trevelyan’s starters and a Viennese? (3,2)
16 Mr Big is an 8 (5)
18 Defers Scaramanga’s initial pay out in America (8)
20 Supplication for nurse on top of Bond (8)
21 Wrongly assume R = rubber (7)
23 Help with gadgetry essentially that’s shown by Q (6)
25 Finally Bond gave up at SMERSH headquarters in remote part of sea (6)
27 Rule that is over the head of Miranda Frost (4)
29 Bond in lift is hit hard (4)