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Players’ Choice by Radler

Puzzle by Gila

Puzzle 2 by Hisashi

Puzzle 2 by Dalibor

Puzzle by Rico

Puzzle 4 by Radler

Puzzle by Gervase

Puzzle 3 by Sleight

Puzzle by Jones

Puzzle 2 by Halcyon

Puzzle by abcFoxglove

Puzzle by Scintillator

Puzzle 5 by Radler

Puzzle by Alchemi

Puzzle by Prolixic

Puzzle by Crucifer

Puzzle 2 by Gervase

Puzzle 3 by Halcyon

Puzzle 2 by Alchemi

Puzzle by Magwitch

Puzzle by Hand

Hearing Aids by Anax

Puzzle 5 by Mysti

Puzzle 3 by Alchemi

Radler’s latest offering, a terrific themed puzzle in the style of the Guardian Genius series, will present a challenge to the best solvers. This is an example of advanced crosswords at their best.
Gila is a blogger for the Fifteensquared site and his first (and I hope not last) contribution here is one of those puzzles where you really have to think about the clues before the penny fully drops. No doing this one on autopilot! Hisashi has already contributed to this site and his second puzzle, which has an interesting and amusing thematic element, easily lives up to the high standard he has set himself.
Dalibor’s second puzzle contains a theme and is every bit as challenging and elegantly clued as his excellent debut puzzle. Rico’s first puzzle here is a little more gentle than some recent offerings, a nice fun solve to be enjoyed by crossword enthusiasts of all abilities. Radler is back with another fine puzzle, which offers plenty of twists and turns to delight the solver, as is his style.
Gervase is another promising new setter whose delightful puzzle strikes just the right balance between Ximenean principles and “libertarian” fun. Sleight already has two puzzles on here and he’s back with another rewarding challenge. A very welcome return! 
Jones is a new setter from Australia and his puzzle is another excellent debut. There is a wide variety of clue types and the clues are entertainingly devious yet perfectly fair to the solver. Halcyon set a high standard with his first puzzle and he’s back with another fine offering, full of twists and surprises to give your brain a good work-out. abcFoxglove’s debut puzzle is a gentle and very enjoyable romp, extremely neatly clued and the kind of puzzle that will suit those who enjoy the puzzle in the Daily Telegraph .
Scintillator is an exciting new setter from India who already sets puzzles for The Hindu in his own country. This is a very worthwhile challenge. Radler already has four excellent puzzles on here and his latest offering is a another fine cryptic with a mini-theme. Alchemi’s debut puzzle is one which will very much appeal to those who enjoy the “libertarian” style of clueing popularised by the Guardian. Great fun.
The puzzle from Prolixic is a nice gentle themed puzzle. He’s new here but has good setting experience elsewhere and this can easily be seen, especially in the conciseness of his clues. Crucifer’s puzzle is food-orientated and also has a mini-theme. He writes the crossword for a food magazine and deserves to achieve more recognition in the future.
Gervase set a high standard with his first puzzle and this his second is another feast of fun with a mini-theme thrown in. He is a compiler to watch! Halcyon’s third puzzle is extremely entertaining as we have come to expect from him. There is a nostalgic pop theme running through the clues. Alchemi’s second puzzle has a theme and, like his first, is proof that it’s possible to break away from the Ximenean mould while still being absolutely fair to the solver. Magwitch is a new compiler here and a very welcome addition to the fold. Her puzzle is an entertaining plain cryptic which should appeal to all. 
Hand makes his debut here with a fine puzzle which shows that crosswords don’t have to be fiendishly difficult to be good. I recommend this to solvers of all levels. Anax has generously taken time out of his busy setting schedule to provide another puzzle for this site. It hardly need be said that the puzzle is outstanding. Mysti’s fifth puzzle contains a mini-theme and is his best contribution to date. A welcome reappearance from this setter.
Alchemi already has two excellent puzzles on here, and his latest easily lives up to the high standard he has set himself. This puzzle has an interesting gimmick which is rather flattering to a certain setter.