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Puzzle by Jammy

Puzzle by Robi

Puzzle by Beegee

Puzzle 2 by Magwitch

Puzzle 4 by Halcyon

Puzzle 2 by Jammy

Puzzle by Nico

Puzzle by Windsurfer

Puzzle by Maize

Puzzle 5 by Halcyon

Puzzle by Skipjack

Puzzle by Bucko

Puzzle by Hoskins

Puzzle by Soup

Puzzle 6 by Radler

Puzzle by Grendel

Puzzle 2 by Skipjack

Itís Not All about You
by Vigo

Puzzle 2 by Windsurfer

Puzzle 2 by Maize

Puzzle by Rodolfo

Puzzle 2 by Bucko

Puzzle 2 by Hoskins

Puzzle by Euston

Jammy is a new setter with plenty of flair, and his style is very much influenced by the Guardian puzzle. It is a very promising debut. Robiís puzzle, also a debut here, is a tough challenge with an interesting mini-theme. Very original and witty! Beegee is another setter to make a first appearance here. His puzzle exploits a wide range of clueing devices and the clues are tidy, concise and, above all, fun. Magwitch makes a welcome second appearance with a very enjoyable puzzle which has some superb surface readings. Halcyon is back with a fourth puzzle, and as to be expected itís great stuff. The puzzle has an interesting mini-theme. Jammyís second puzzle also has a theme and is an excellent follow-up to the impressive debut he made on here. Nico sent me his first ever puzzle and Iím bound to say that I wish my own first attempts had been as good as this. Itís a very well constructed puzzle showing a firm knowledge of the tricks of the trade. Windsurfer has produced a very entertaining puzzle with a mini-theme. Thereís much enjoyment to be had here. Maizeís puzzle has a very clever theme and abounds in some ingenious misdirections. Itís terrific fun, as a crossword should be.
Halcyon makes a welcome reappearance with a fifth puzzle. As youíd expect from this setter, it has some very well crafted clues and is very entertaining. Skipjack makes his debut here with a well-crafted puzzle which exploits a variety of clueing methods and boasts some excellent surface readings. Buckoís puzzle is great fun and has all the hallmarks of a setter with great potential. It is his first puzzle, but you wouldnít know that from solving it!
Hoskins is yet another setter making his first appearance here. His puzzle is entertaining, with scrupulously fair clues using a variety of techniques. Soup is new here but he has considerable setting experience and has given us a tough workout for his debut puzzle. Radler is back with a very tough sixth puzzle, which has a theme running through the clues. Grendelís puzzle, his first here, is a delightful example of how to write succinct, pithy and witty clues.
It is a pleasure to have another puzzle from Skipjack who once more entertains with clever clues and elegant surface readings. Vigoís brilliant debut puzzle contains an interesting gimmick explained by the somewhat mysterious title. Windsurfer has produced an alphabetical jigsaw to continue a tradition started by the great Araucaria. Maize is back with another excellent puzzle which the discerning solver canít fail to enjoy. Rodolfo has provided a fine centenary puzzle which fully does justice to its worthy theme. Buckoís second puzzle is great fun, exhibiting the kind of wit which makes for a fine crossword. Hoskins has produced a delightful second puzzle, with some ingenious misdirections and beautiful surfaces throughout. The puzzle by Euston is very challenging and makes use of some very clever wordplay. An excellent first puzzle.