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Puzzle by Whynot

Puzzle by Hopster

Puzzle by Snacky

Puzzle 3 by Clyde

Puzzle by Foxglove

Puzzle by Hoodwink

Puzzle by Harold

Puzzle by Rags

Puzzle by Raymond

Puzzle by Gonzo

Puzzle 2 by Laccaria

Puzzle 2 by Gonzo

Puzzle by Hippogryph

Puzzle by Amoeba

Puzzle by Pebble

Puzzle by Hubble

Puzzle by Conto

Puzzle by Grecian

Puzzle 2 by Pebble

Northern Lights by Dhansak

Puzzle by Christopher

Puzzle by Baldur

Puzzle by Stone Age Man

Puzzle 3 by Gonzo

Whynot’s puzzle is a splendid challenge, in which he finds many devious ways to tease and amuse the solver. Hopster has produced a tough puzzle with seamless surfaces which provide plenty of artful misdirection. Snacky, a setter from the States, shows that you don’t have to be British to produce an excellent cryptic crossword! Clyde’s third puzzle is a terrific double jigsaw which should keep you occupied for quite a while. Foxglove first appeared here in 2011 and he is back with an entertaining and worthy challenge to the solver. Hoodwink is another new setter who shows great promise. Harold’s puzzle, another debut, is terrific fun and quite a challenge.

The puzzle from Rags is another on the harder side. The clues show great originality and flair. Raymond’s puzzle is packed with plenty of clever clueing and will give you a good mental workout. Not one for a short train journey! Gonzo has also produced a puzzle which will detain you for quite some time. Like with any good puzzle, you’ll kick yourself after getting the answers, which are cleverly hidden in plain sight by smooth and plausible surfaces.

After a long break from publishing puzzles due to travel problems caused by the pandemic, I am delighted to showcase Laccaria’s second puzzle. It is as close to perfect as any puzzle I have been sent for a long time. Gonzo makes a welcome return with a second puzzle which is just as ingenious and fiendish as his debut crossword on this site. Hippogryph's debut is an excellent one, with an enjoyable ghost themed puzzle. Amoeba is quite new to setting, but you wouldn’t have guessed it from his witty and imaginative puzzle.

Pebble is another new setter. Her puzzle is full of varied and entertaining clues with evocative surface readings. Hubble makes a first appearance with a puzzle remarkable for tightness of clueing. A gentle, entertaining solve. Grecian has produced a puzzle in which every single clue refers to the theme. That’s hard enough for experienced setters, but for a new setter it’s an incredible achievement. Pebble makes a welcome reappearance, treating us to a delightful puzzle with a ghost theme.

Dhansak’s excellent, fun puzzle is the ideal puzzle for those interested in investigating the world of barred thematic crosswords. The puzzle from Christopher, a new setter, has a theme in which several clues refer neatly to two key answers. Baldur’s puzzle, another debut, contains some clever and intricate wordplay which makes for a fun solve. The puzzle from Stone Age Man, yet another promising new setter, is an accessible and fun puzzle in the style of the Everyman series. Gonzo’s third puzzle is every bit as challenging and superbly constructed as his previous two offerings.