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This is an excellent debut from Hippogryph. There is a ghost theme in this puzzle, alluded to in some of the answers and some of the clues. More information on the solution page. Favourite clues: 28 across and definitely 24 down. (PDF version)


Prior’s departure after boundary, according to commentary (9)
8 May former England batsman perhaps look at taking time in the middle? (5)
9 They might shock, performing on stage with anger and outrageous finale (4,5)
10 Tolerates sabre-rattling? (5)
12 Money to be paid for pitch preparation? (6)
13 Drizzle during Test disrupted source of childhood joy (5,3)
16 Red tiles vandalised outside vacant flat (7)
19 Clean ground after graduate delivers final payment (7)
22 Moneypenny delayed producing thin sheet, with coat on? (8)
25 He looks after royal household apart from the French King (6)
27 About to get out for 66? (5)
28 Station cafe – not a palatial setting (9)
29 Being supple that man landed the other way around (5)
30 Grinding example, Ian Gould? Initially a lot of dots! (9)

Silly mid-on catches nothing for kind of effect? (6)
2 Forsaken Father of Irish comedy travels North carrying item from the past (8)
3 Dull Derek possibly gets call-up (6)
4 Understanding secured by intelligent enterprises (7)
5 Cut off by northern river (6)
6 Wild deer stuffed with egg-shell is rank (6)
11 Old man after Oscar? (4)
14 Issue unfinished piece of music (3)
15 Held up by the other end of the bat (3)
16 Regularly all out for a large amount (3)
17 Finger spinning Reg lost flipper (3)
18 Perhaps pen incorrect answer without hesitation? (4)
20 Part of belt maybe raised to Rocky? (8)
21 Middled one in a hundred – embarrassed (7)
23 Sarcastic heckler finally kept in order? (6)
24 Tarry quietly before having irritable feeling (6)
25 Robin’s partner, with a small flap, rising above rook? (6)
26 English seamer, at first taking a bounding stride, gives runs away (6)