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This is quite a toughie, thanks to some seamless surfaces and clever misdirection. I particularly liked 14 across, 26 across and 23 down. (PDF version)


Room cleaner accepts award (7)
5 One constantly worried about doorstop’s sufficiency keeps inside (7)
9 Dwarf regularly hunted to cut heads of orcs and ogres (5)
10 Religious branch mixed up data, embracing Greek goddess and leader of Vulcans (9)
11 Hates armed revolutionary leader for instructing children (10)
12 On from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh (4)
14 Order of parliament gains impetus at first restricted by misguided reformists (12)
18 Bangers and mash to begin with, found rather remarkably with rice cakes (12)
21 It’s difficult to lose an unspecified amount in stone (4)
22 Numerology, say – is this linking 501 and 6 with 23 (for example)? (10)
25 Having shed in French garden, a very unusual resting place (9)
26 Cockney carried that lady’s firstborn (5)
27 Trump’s first year a new and extremely nasty form of despotic government (7)
28 Player’s backside entertaining men on court (7)

First of all cook lunch. Once completed, hide, employing cover (6)
2 Stellar pieces coming up in surreal art sale (6)
3 Flying sweeper turned ball on to middle of home goalpost (10)
4 Admires sun, perhaps when rising in east? Quite the opposite (5)
5 Maybe Barbarossa, invasion by Germany of unlimited danger, about replacing Stalin primarily? (9)
6 Mark exam paper when half cut and it obtains high grade (4)
7 Quiet rest period when kids are outside? (8)
8 Order beer? (8)
13 Title given to US in explosive contest (10)
15 Wise men found breaking in, a case of robbery. It’s unreal! (9)
16 A very loud and healthy cow (8)
17 Spooner’s appeal to next in line: “here, settle down behind”! (8)
19 Clear headed daughter raised problem (6)
20 Traps are set in three points (6)
23 Find hotel before coming to this country? (5)
24 Clergyman is another lacking company (4)