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This is a nice neat puzzle with remarkable economy of wording even in the longer clues. It’s a gentle, entertaining solve. Favourite clue: 6 down for its seamless surface. (PDF version)


Liquids for sniffers sold mostly by outlets (8)
5 Poison remedy when argon ingested (6)
10 Copy note twice at end of music (5)
11 Demanding order in gunship (9)
12 Popular masonic treatment for one who has trouble going out (9)
13 Jury criticise the Spanish (5)
14 Old King John joins native American (6)
15 Struck by glove in southeast Norway (7)
18 Cab company with new head picks up Scotsman from Spain or Portugal (7)
20 Discover TV priest returning to European Community square (6)
22 Grub eaten by caterpillar variant (5)
24 Not scrapping new version of Ring Cycle (9)
25 Very frightened carrier drawn, as Spooner might say (9)
26 Short couple first to dance (5)
27 Giving out in foreign lingo to head of department (6)
28 Conservative and republican leaders in Zambia and Angola gather around garden furniture item (8)

Add short time rising to top (6)
2 Light screen hits head awkwardly (9)
3 Expulsion from church revealed in old letter (15)
4 First team’s beef (7)
6 Simple pianists touched inappropriately (15)
7 Straighten up Cohen character’s pole (5)
8 Encourage factory to produce vegetable (8)
9 Decrees Ena must go to court with first of suits (6)
16 “Harness Italian painter” said strategist (9)
17 Accomodated excellent adventurers swallowing drug (8)
19 Aslan territory one ran around in North America (6)
20 Last month on German river for Turing, say (7)
21 Female Turkish officer that falls short (6)
23 River and mountain range located in the country (5)