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Puzzle by Konyev
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Konyev sent in this puzzle from Volgograd. Like many of my contributors he is a fan of Guardian-type puzzles, particularly Bunthorne, and he has produced a clever puzzle in that style. He has produced a set of clues which show imagination and flair, with a wide range of clue types. Definitions are cleverly concealed within the clues, making excellent use of the great variety of the English language. I especially liked 19 across, 15 down and 22 down.


Bantu people make South Africa House cross when transposing the order (5)
10 Former property holder corrected one's time warp (4,5)
11 Frankie Valli hit melody, say, easily aroused delinquent as all is sadly lost (2,4,6,3)
12 Irritation when Ashes match comes to a head? (9)
13 Show around Brussels: see Elizabeth 23 (5)
15 Force unit to give Capone a hiding (7)
17 Leporine offspring always allowed round (7)
19 Gives up the big shots at Wimbledon, I hear (5)
21 One crossing swingers thrice outside (9)
24 Flush with New Deal in Martin Luther's dream (7,8)
26 Fellow worker making a pass three miles at sea (9)
27 Prince in early flirt (5)
1 Free from Old Mass in record time (6)
2 I perhaps make a promise to lost soul in conclusion (5,5)
3 Sporting woman could be one of the Partridge Family (4-4)
4 Apprehension? But Pitman knew the odds should be ignored! (6)
5 Poles apart, the land of the free divides support (8)
6 Dread's absent? Definitely not! (2,4)
7 Racing League in Dyfed not given sustenance (4)
8 The reason Beckham's team is held up by 50% of Argentinians? (8)
14 Russian president hiding gold in his Volvo, perhaps (10)
15 Dickensian choice getting on one's nerves? (8)
16 Not much enthusiasm for the previous examination (6,2)
18 Like Strauss's woods in 7's broken English (8)
20 Frequently attached to the end of billiards cushion (6)
22 Charles beheaded, Rolling Stone to face the wall! (6)
23 Disastrous reign followed by a classical ruler (6)
25 Thus the Italian enters a grain store (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Konyev