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Upper class deservin' to get the chop – that's not changed (9)
6 Originally Arthurian errant knight, resident of 6 dn (5)
9 Some writing that stands out (7)
10 Hermione, leaving island with bag, stupidly makes a bloomer (7)
11 Hearty desire to take on the unknown (5)
12 Streep performs with bad actor in "The Greatcoat" (9)
13 State airline gets capital backing (8)
15 Chief of 6 ac's is silent? (4)
19 Heartless trick by Venetian magistrate (4)
20 One fool to fool around endlessly – describes old Secondary system (8)
23 Unseats from steed with horn blast (9)
24 Not any sun on the 7th of March? (5)
26 Day boy takes on head of school for a thrill (7)
27 Some chapter ministers' final destinations (7)
28 Invest with bear right away (5)
29 Drinking den where the conversation flowed? (9)
1 A French mistress isn't at all liked (9)
2 Kings and Queens having no love for old coins (5)
3 One of 15's attendants who went for a noted ride (8)
4 15's transport provided by Northern Irish, after mistake involving English (8)
5 Obligation involving a bit of effort gives rise to contention (6)
6 One draws up by home of 15 and 6 ac's (6)
7 Sources of heat in Heaven and Hell under which you won't bum (9)
8 Region in which King Alfred the First hid in a tree (5)
14 See 22
16 An essential tax, it is accepted in rising foreign currency (9)
17 Sleeper is angry with Oriental we hear (8)
18 Newspaper informant obtains nothing from downfall of 6 ac's (8)
21 Water rescue leaders endlessly try lifting up swimmer (6)
22,14 Is sane in half of brain? (2,4,5,4)
23 Bored with Old English writer? (5)
25 People of Kerala accepted currency (5)

Solution to Crossword 26