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Crossword 32

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The Evening Star reported escape by rapist – not first bloomer to be made (5,3,4)
9 Cornish town provides setting for final part of Prometheus Unbound (5)
10 It was once standard for old gun to be loaded with ammo, having fired round (9)
11 A time to bring in repair men to make alteration (9)
12 Talk endlessly about fish being dependent on water movements (5)
13 Glossy coating for hair rejected by the European (6)
15 Trunks could be required for such clothing (8)
18 Revolt mostly crushed by soldiers during first wartime operation (8)
19 Unpleasant people who create a stink? (6)
22 Group of eight hundred volunteers found among the returning party (5)
24 Rheingold is cut short and replaced with new opera (9)
26 At heart, describes a tailor's work (9)
27 To some extent dog resented cruel people (5)
28 Flying over once more, airmen start to attack with shells – not half a thunderous downpour (7,5)
House, for example, is turned over to a small community (7)
2 One who wept and was petrified (5)
3 Hasten to find source of water for plant (9)
4 He's a hero to the Spanish (6)
5 A place with cultural links to another – like Baden-Baden? (4,4)
6 Having no New Testaments to share out? (5)
7 A little boy swallows insect (8)
8 Where to find wine vendor, say (6)
14 A fresh flower's opening (8)
16 Decamping with money originally belonging to a ruler of France (6,3)
17 Cook, having misappropriated gin, gets persistent questioning (8)
18 Player – one wearing new boots (6)
20 Being employed to fill ship's cavities (7)
21 One who laments loudly for Ahab? (6)
23 Lawrence has a sash for washerman (5)
25 Country with two rivers (5)

Solution to Crossword 32