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He could be consumed with a lust to become crystal-user (6)
5 Very delicate material available from the Web (8)
9 Vessel containing pills primarily? (8)
10 Kingdom that's in possession of year-old Japanese painting (5-1)
11 Defeated party bouncing back as poll for Euro is decided (8)
12 In just under a month German replaces new car (6)
13 Introductory radio broadcast given by Liberal after European vote (8)
15 Slav girl has year off (4)
17 Nest's located by English woman (4)
19 I attempt to keep a certain equality of measure (8)
20 Loathing produced by crone hoarding money (6)
21 It's fired from Winchester perhaps (8)
22 Enjoy the taste (6)
23 Paisley for example puts marriage first (8)
24 Making certain to telephone after being given place by university (8)
25 A series that's tied? (6)

2 Combine fossil fuel energy with significantly cleaner energy sources (8)
3 What old newspaper did, having cowardly editor (8)
4 Sent academician translation of Proust that's about acceptable (9)
5 German poet said to have blasted "mostly dumb German opera" (15)
6 Tree from Lusaka's gone astray (7)
7 Summer festival's leading lady finds setter's packing a most powerful piece (3,5)
8 Gypsy gentleman needs money for food (8)
14 Passed examinations? (9)
15 Piece of music much performed in Copenhagen? (8)
16 Marine being risqué in speech, almost drunk (8)
17 Cosmetic from the Orient found on the old ship (8)
18 No rep is substituted, note, when one appears thus (2,6)
19 One charges, taking pound from hero-worshipper (7)

Solution to Crossword 29