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1 Axes elm, possibly, to obtain woody tissue (5)
4 Wise guy runs story during interminable strike (5,4)
9 The Italian general is set back by information deficit ultimately that's careless (9)
10 Wine producing region prepared for unfavourable weather? (5)
11, 22 dn I hope inn's cooking with some quality ingredients thus observing this motto
12 Powerful drug needed by hospital department (6)
14 Going hungry around Spain? Far from it (8)
17 Approved translation of Norse Edda mostly (8)
19 One has to go through the wardrobe to locate it (6)
22 Travelling bag accompanying wife to old road motel, perhaps (11,4)
24 I complain about her (5)
25 Slow scoring? (9)
26 Never failing to be naive at all times (9)
27 One is required from the stage designer and then again, not! (5)
1 Will she get cross with husband that is very quietly engaged digesting a set of books? (9)
2 Stone has a new record at No 1 (5)
3 Pottery made originally by one in German city (7)
4 Have a mind to observe seizure (3,3)
5 As describes quite new pieces in collection? Yes and no (8)
6 Birds cat's eating one of them (7)
7 Reportedly was short of an empty container for milk production? (9)
8 Shrewd woman invested in Cyprus (5)
13 Henry VII stood for it -  and vice versa (5,4)
15 Ostentatious dignitary is reserving love for the higher placed of the two Europeans (9)
16 Once more use fruit that's no good (2-6)
18 Swindling cartel includes a politician (7)
20 Article one of five on God by Italian philosopher (7)
21 Inert metal principally extracted with nitrogen (6)
22 See 11
23 I'm stoned, man that's not right (5)

Solution to Crossword 31