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This crossword is dedicated to the memory of someone very close to me (1928-2003). First letters of each clue reinforce the message around the grid's perimeter, and all clues celebrate some aspect of her life. The latter references obviously only have significance for those fortunate enough to have known her, but are also normal cryptic clues; absolutely no knowledge of the subject is required  to complete the puzzle. I hope solvers will forgive the occasional liberties I have taken with surface reading and Ximenean rigour in order to accommodate the theme.


Does piano playing without you sound false? (6)
9 Elisabeth’s first rank – it’s broadcast in former Cape province (8)
10 Also, in the past, essential to profit EMI made (4)
11 Rabbit from Asian country that entertains Caroline & Horace starts badly
12 Maiden from Galesyke kept in check by society rules (6)
13 Unorthodox, almost X-rated Jumbo started in the morning – that’s really fruity stuff (5,3)
14 Moss due in road, having time for a detour that’s taken in error (13)
19 You need daughter, née Flather, to drop hen back – and not right before sun goes down (8)
22 One having mole finally removed, back in the lead with self-assurance (6)
24 Uproarious with her involving leg lost in drill manoeuvre (5,5)
25 We see Mother with net, not quite finished with hair (4)
26 Ignoring the odds, blue grass in tye was flourishing soonest (8)
27 List varied bridge opponents overwhelmed by Mum (6)
1 Line of regular coolness shown when cracking Times or Telegraph, ultimately? (8)
2 Betty’s heart’s a jewel, ’un uplifting all around, providing spice (6)
3 Event: Ring’s “knockout” after first seen in Munich, to boot (8)
4 Star bridge player material (6)
5 Assurance of good luck if Sam climbs on the bed (6)
6 Duties (not obligations) to a son involved supplying musical accompaniment (8)
7 Leaders of royal establishment awarded licenciate – one in music, note. That’s the facts (6)
15 You see independence after she fell, breaking hip (hospital one doesn’t count) (4-4)
16 Maybe Hampstead area to meet Ernest regularly and put away the Claymore? (8)
17 In play, see slams flowing (8)
18 Superior in rubber (not half!) consisting of no trumps – ace is held (8)
20 Sung in choir, a profit to the audience (6)
21 Eh? “Weepat” in Scrabble? That’s not English! Nothing precludes Dad producing “Chewink” (6)
23 Disobedient child in Lakes? Why, we hear it’s firmly the opposite! (6)

Solution to Crossword 28