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1 Dorset town's home for Penny Barker (6)
5 It's unpleasant when crowd almost swamps island state (6)
9 Spin fabric, changing direction before the end (5)
10 Drunken bum's outwardly dead ringer for body-builder's pick-up (4-4)
12 Lad turning to booze over time finds remedy (7)
13 Monkey going without oxygen displays listlessness (7)
14 Travel round America east of Connecticut with great enjoyment (5)
16 Ancient style of writing in clay, principally, that's consistent around the East (9)
18 Old measure of distance's always a problem for the motorist (9)
21 Go around one European city (5)
22 Girl from Israeli town returned after noon with answer (7)
24 Smash hits involving controversial rap musician (7)
26 Is virgin about to get reprimand? (8)
27 Mr Jones has daughter out of the blue (5)
28 Lean bit of steak eaten rare (6)
29 Loudly express relief when given the cutting tool (6)
2 I put most rubbish outside in skips (5)
3 Delighted when getting tasty recipe for cold starter (9)
4 One wanting medicine for treatment of disease (7)
5 This town's rat-catcher took issue when he was not paid (7)
6 Hood of gown finally replaced by one that's new (5)
7 Sick jokes can cause bad feeling (3-6)
8 Notes clue for a type of flour? (11)
11 Pontiff in Rome dismissed two fellows, possibly as warning (11)
15 Toils hard, having obtained work here (9)
17 The train from Bury to London? (9)
19 Recluse regularly yearned to have child (7)
20 Renovates part of Oxford at last? (7)
23 So one side is up at end of game; the other side will be this (5)
25 National flag seen over hospital (5)

Solution to Crossword 33