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Crossword 35

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Book that's to see novelist accepted by South Africa (7,2,4)
8 Gordon Brown's tax? (4)
9 Woman with aspiration to go on the game (5)
10 Second most important animal (4)
11 He works at keeping body in good shape (8)
12 Eastern saint from second century impaled by a knight (6)
13 This plant has a fat lot of value (10)
16 William Hill (4)
17 One gets in through support (4)
18 Indication of relative lack of success in exam old Scottish one (5,5)
20 One receiving deliveries of cooking mix (6)
22 Emptied bottle, without getting tighter? That's possible with this drink (4,4)
24 Member of political party netting millions (4)
25 Before noon I depart with a friend (5)
26 Song of Joy (4)
27 It's attractive, currently! (13)

1 Former Marxist not a good man active in organisation of removal of church privileges (15)
2 Actor involved in sex transformation (5)
3 English pub on the green short of pennies being so, won't last long (9)
4 New Orleans is a port (7)
5 Listener's supporting new approaches (5)
6 Christ appears in a church in Devon (9)
7 Information given to men in court after a confession is obtained (15)
14 Go by the board procuring part of audio system (9)
15 Flavouring given to a Spanish wine (9)
19 Girl told to travel to find mythical monster (7)
21 Note parliamentary decision and respond (5)
23 Open mountain's home for serviceman (5)

Solution to Crossword 35