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Dry out in specially heated container? (9)
6 It's unbounded gluttony, eating up the Indian bread... (5)
9 ...eating greedily, having energy for nothing, to be truthful (9)
10 He'll have a loaf around with two 3s (5)
11 Old soak's knocked back litre of alcohol (6)
12 3 needs a room without high rent (8)
13 Sounds like specialised skill? Not at all (5)
14 Appearing nervous of spelling test, first and foremost? (9)
17 Quiet, brave chap has lots of dosh that's an attractant (9)
18 3 the real one? (5)
20 Advise old Leo to make new plans? (8)
23 It's funny in a way? On the contrary, 3's transported by it (6)
25 Author's ebb associated with Ecstasy? (5)
26 Note leaves create train chaos delay results (9)
27 One used to hear about second ending of Heartbreak Ridge (5)
28 Nothing by English novelist mentioned colour (4,5)
1 Miles ahead of  3? (7)
2 It's lucky Regina puts on stockings before boot (9)
3 A clue for how to find Gallifreyan? (6,3)
4 Reassuring status report when in a frenzy? (4)
5 Be delighted by arrest in eastern Greece (9)
6 Time a boozer raised capital (5)
7 Dog drinks a bit of orange tea (5)
8 New driver in Prague breaking sound barrier (7)
14 Channel Tunnel's opening just after 3 (9)
15 Struggling club's recovering? (9)
16 Frequency of occurrence of violent events, say (9)
17 3 written with forward slash (7)
19 Agreement Northern Territory held in the past (7)
21 3's arch foe is 'ealthy, residing in Denmark (5)
22 Cut and run after the woman joins Academy (5)
24 Ethical but unmarried, it's said (4)


Solution to Crossword 34