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I have received several requests for a barred puzzle which explores a wide range of vocabulary. Here it is – I hope that you enjoy the challenge!


1 Current affected hot cosmic rays regularly showing equal auroral display (10)
11 A Latin mass originally held inside for saint (7)
12 Open one local pub (5)
14 In the past, one taken in time and time again when money-changing (8)
15 Muslim ascetic somewhat put out by the French woman (6)
16 Odal, put another way (4)
17 Quickly dismisses charge, but in vain (4)
19 Cloth worn by Arab tramp, one hears (6)
21 Doctor may nurse abnormal swelling (8)
24 After a vote, elected leader of evangelists of God (8)
26 Make money illegally from career exchanging rubles for Bob (6)
27 Savoury meat and vegetable dish in a jar (4)
29 Leading character pulled out of Measure for Measure  (4)
31 Middle East’s judicial legislature initially is to form council (6)
33 After long absence he returns, keeping calm in storm (8)
34 Lake in Irish county with no banks? (5)
35 Stamping ground incognito Tax Officer must abandon (7)
36 Fashion designer from Spanish city losing five grand invested in airline (10)
2 A large amount gets Lord tipsy (5)
3 Withered old roses lacking scent in New York? (8)
4 Cut off base of herb with knife (4)
5 More healthy after 'e is brought in? (6)
6 In the North, Mark's keeping Henry working as architect (8)
7 Japanese badge contains uranium particle (4)
8 Popular relation reportedly is subject to limitation of inheritance (2,4)
9 Monkey wrenches arousing no ardour, ultimately (7)
10 Die before priest's turned up to yield comfort (10)
13 Do piranha perish without oxygen? It's a matter of indifference (10)
18 Courier with kind expression? (4-4)
20 Tree sloth kept in pen ailed at first (8)
22 Unperceivable concepts confused one university man (7)
23 Liqueur from Turkey, say, contained in it (6)
25 Concerning syphilis: cure it right away with a drop of lemon rum (6)
28 Fix up good old Chinese bread (5)
30 Article about lake, concerning hole in the bottom (4)
32 Marry after dropping single woman (4)

Solution to Crossword 36