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Primarily, sherry here is dry (5)
4 Cheap paper wrongly prioritising what informative daily should do? (9)
9 Newlywed's healthy in prison (9)
10 Tent peg initially pronounced suitable for tent (5) 
11 Salesman is obliged in speech to give information (6)
12 It helps one get into Oxford perhaps (8)
14 Miranda's father goes to America to get rich (10)
16 See good chap run out (4)
19 Recognised tennis player's told to give up (4)
20 Make one's way to unknown building to find place for the kids to play (5.5)
22 It's given to election campaign perhaps when party goes to the country (8) 
23 Ancient language old Pict possibly used after a century (6)
26 Cat found in Oz (5)
27 Class of plants producing silver-cyanide compound maybe (9)
28 Judge taken in by a revolutionary showed partiality (9)
29 Fine vessel (5)
Having hot climate, but crop is failing (9)
2 Caught Pakistan's opener around edge of crease (5)
3 Old bigwig embraces sin, taking Ecstasy to get high (8)
4 Born and died in poverty (4)
5 Dogs, and what they may do if ravenous cannibals? (10)
6 One at the wheel's to dawdle along (6)
7 I'm on cue, but intrinsically unrehearsed (9)
8 Wooden articles obtained from box number? (5)
13 Stevedore working for nothing? But he's a sponger! (10)
15 Regulation of guns restraining one (9)
17 In such a state one prays for guidance? (9)
18 Pressed editor to follow Royal in skimpy clothing (8)
21 How to spell one Scottish goddess? (6)
22 Decline daughter's inferior turnover (5)
24 Some musicians go over the joint (5)
25 Hit with a missile (4)


Solution to Crossword 37