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Well known member of the Pope's household (8)
5 Horseman or horse-man? (6)
9 Adjusted set to receive special live European broadcast (8)
10 It's removed from the jug and strained (6)
12 Basic part of education for Greeks originally denied to a woman? (5)
13 Care for a newspaper? The Observer is coming round (4,5)
14 Breaking the law is extremely immoral business (5,7)
18 Zone in European country converted into becoming Catholic (12)
21 Tree of gold featured in a church song (9)
23 After time, get lease from the Council (5)
24 Fury of a voter having no bounds (6)
25 Fifth century settler overturned agreement with part of Wales (8)
26 Perhaps young Persian family will accommodate abstinent bloke finally (6)
27 Taught English journalist about old money (8)

1 Grammatically it could be perfect it remains to be seen (6)
2 American university's about to cover Lake poet (6)
3 Valiant, he destroyed a sea monster (9)
4 It's very cool OK! (8,4)
6 Steal Dad's sheepskin leather (5)
7 It's grim to allow this punishment (8)
8 Flashy vulgarian has to see this item of jewellery (5-3) 
11 Such a boxer won't do business indoors? (5-7)
15 Preacher's office is held by a semi-Catholic (9)
16 Large killer whale said to be extinct creature (5,3)
17 Dwelling within a short distance, Ena gets up north on time (9)
19 Accommodation of qualified teacher's just the thing (6)
20 Remained sober during speech (6)
22 Smart girl quietly leaves football match (5)

Solution to Crossword 39