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Bits and Pieces

This is a collection of non-crossword articles which I wrote when the spirit moved me I hope they will be of interest or use to visitors whose interests coincide with the subjects. If you find anything in these articles to be factually incorrect or out of date please contact me via the Feedback link to the left of this page.

Learning Czech tips and thoughts Some advice and observations intended for those with an interest in Czech language and culture Fawlty Towers online? A warning to stay away from an inefficient, dishonest and rude online store that sells computer consumables.

Listening to Test Matches abroad A way for UK citizens in other countries to get round the annoying restrictions on BBC Internet coverage of England cricket tours

Hasta get rid of la Vista! Microsoft have thankfully now replaced Windows Vista, but until this appalling operating system becomes ancient history this warning rant will remain here.

The Goodall Ring An appreciation of Reginald Goodall’s wonderful recording of Wagner’s Ring Cycle.

Live Music versus Recordings A discussion comparing the pros and cons of live and recorded music.

Avoid Namesecure! I lost the convenient domain name as a result of stupidity, inefficiency and possible dishonesty by a hosting company called Namesecure. I advise you to avoid them...

Wi-fi Problems? Powerline could be the answer A description of useful technology that gets round the problem of slow and unreliable wireless networks.

Warning: Expats face losing their Barclaycards Self-explanatory, really, and recommended reading for expats who still use Barclaycard.