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Crossword 40

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1 She’s a princess, knocking one out... (4)
4 ...without equal, a Lady captivating student (8)
11 To make things even worse, shortly told to leave Prague? (7)
12 Charterhouse gives this person hours working? (7)
13 Wonderful poet gets round America (10)
14 Relative married a scholar (4)
16 Stick around to run a cleric’s office (9)
18 One comes in to join later for free (5)
19 Artist has to make pop still? (5)
20 Plenty of rabbits doing the foxtrot? (9)
23 Extremely light (4)
24 Tart works on voice that’s alluring (10)
27 Funny article on Dynasty entertains us (7)
28 They say you need two for this business (7)
29 Giving barman gratuity, about a pound, when having a few drinks (8)
30 What you buy at auction can be a good deal (4)
2 Turkey’s ready a second before salesman turns up (5)
3 In the most undesirable circumstances, hot water’s off and temperature’s lowest (2,3,5)
5 Make plastic tubing perhaps for export, with constant diameter inside (7)
6 Hearing several choirs could be bore (4)
7 Cheer England’s openers doubling up to take catch at start of Test (9)
8 Superficial ruler of the waves? (7)
9 Using some telecom apparatus, it shows how families interact in the community (6)
10 Speech problem displayed by a sovereign, inter alia (6)
15 Pair given medical training based on 12 (10)
17 Dancing fairy quietly descends – it’s sweet (5-4)
19 Innocent daughter’s upbringing initially tempted pervert (7)
20 It triggers an immune response against dope (7)
21 Girl from college missing crucial broadcast (6)
22 Waugh, Steve, stumped out by a woman? (6)
25 It’s not appropriate to sleep during sex (5)
26 Drown perhaps in US river (4)

Solution to Crossword 40