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Fans of the Guardian crossword will be familiar with crosswords that contain long quotations. This is my attempt at the genre I hope you have as much fun solving it as I had writing it!


1 Ariadne ran off with adjutant (4)
3,14,24,19,1d,11,25,10  22's view of us: Hah! Listening meekly to broadcast 24 he tucked into sandwich? 1d sweetheart, he's not one to be stirred by leader of ensemble's silly mistake  (3,7,3,3,4,5,3,4,10,4,3,5,2,5)
9 Mist over river cleared from water running northward (5,2)
11 See 3
12 Indian tribesmen lark around, carrying wood (7)
13 Fight is fixed before start of third round (3-2)
15 The Northern alternative to American doughnut? (5)
16 Rendition of score Schubert's third reflected skill of one under 22? (9)
18 To ply one with booze could be a bit cruel (9)
21 Keep talking with African country (5)
23 Jolly group getting a bit of heat? (5)
25 See 3
27 A discussion on French art with intimate friend (7)
28 These dancers are big in Russia (7)
29 Crafty lech harassed Phoebe perhaps (10)
30 Captain's deputy gets a duck (4)

1 Cleverly stores dissolved substance by itself (10)
2 Lady's maid is part of the furniture (7)
4 Extremely posh boy struggles with half of learning curve (9)
5 The ultimate female swinger (5)
6 Dance is presented with too much in the middle (7)
7 Delaware's taken off from where Motown started to produce anthem (7)
8 Hypocritical clerk makes a pile according to rumour (4)
10 See 3
14 See 3
17 Can be influenced by soap to be biased in broadcasting medium? (9)
19 See 3
20 One train heading for Euston's annoyingly showing lack of movement (7)
21 Following good recipe, I will cook (5)
22 Wood, Henry, nowhere near amateur conductor (7)
24 A trio perhaps, one entertaining us after encounter with the farmer's wife? (5)
26 North American fellows can be socially crass (4)

Solution to Crossword 41