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Crossword 25

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10,21 film involved heathen temple worship, largely set around Hungary (3,5,3,9)
7 Without slowing down, write book's plot (3)
9 Flower is touching, darling maintained (5)
10,21 One often appearing in court nearly succeded getting agreement from German family to do the slalom with actress (9,6)
11 Upriver it overflows with a sudden inrush (9)
12 Scary movie finally imported by Ireland in retrospect (5)
13 Leader of hockey team bursts into song, finding Joseph's birthplace (9)
15,23 10,21 film lands former husband Spike in court (4,5)
17 Angel's love depicted by French art Eliot collected (4)
19 Pet returning hot, covered in his prey's whiskers (9)
22 National flag seen by rugby post (5)
24 Reddish purple flower out West is no hybrid  (9)
26 Ocean-going ships, at the outset, each will need testing at the ship-builders we are told (9)
27 Friend with good sense organs (5)
28 I call for silence ro some extent (3)
29 Quite recently suggesting Robin as opposed to Doris? (3,5,3)
1,16 10, 21 film achieving top rate in the fall (8,8)
2 Foolish European expedition I'd mounted  (7)
3 Exaggerates about league in Cantona's country? (9)
4 Boredom is something of a rotten nuisance (5)
5 A fortune's potentially made by horror film (9)
6 Earl in Roller to constantly change lanes? (5)
7 Idler used to be lively, though not first up (7)
8 Bearded man is a dam-builder (6)
14 See 1
15 10,21 film showing escape plot foiled with seconds to go (3,6)
16 See 1d
18 Pathé reels about religious memorial (7)
20 Tell Edward to go after opener for champagne kept on ice (7)
21 See 10
23 See 15 ac
25 Allowed to run off (5)

Solution to Crossword 25