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Crossword 42

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The special clues are given in alphabetical order of their answers. The solver needs to determine their position in the grid. These clues are all of the double definition type, though this may not be immediately obvious at first sight. To assist the solver, the remaining clues all contain a superflous letter (except in two cases, where there are three superfluous letters) in their wordplay. In clue order these letters spell out some helpful advice. After removal of the superfluous letters what remains does not necessarily make literal sense. Accents should be ignored when entering answers. Chambers is recommended.

Good and ready in São Tomé and Príncipe
Do once – that's enough
Hitch from Wick?
Ships in reach of water
Gauge value
The sea is further
The largest part of a bridge
End of a magnet’s field
Guard a shelf
An increase in corrosion
Not fresh all the time
Lead garment
5 Hastily begin renovating cool flat, sparing nothing (4,2)
10 Liberal politician assumes unusual zeal (5)
12 Area of land is part of palace really (4)
13 Con, right-winger mostly, entertains sister – it’s currently obstructive! (8)
15 Had lecturer in Delaware become confused? (5)
16 Excel spreadsheet finally imported by backward pair opening in Word (5)
18 A Marine soon finds weapons (4)
21 Lover’s constant for ever, yes? (4)
26 Mail ignoring driver’s love affair (5)
27 Nosh uncle prepared for midday meal (8)
28 Falcon dropping in before we can find blackbird (5)
29 Member of Jewish sect’s actual existence needing nowt, once (6)
30 He painted vase in winter, but not at home (6)
1 Tolerate standard and perform last bit of Turandot (6)
2 Sign sold by soldiers (4)
3 Epic film’s middle bit embarrassed Dail (5)
4 Edible fruit festival? Not so (5)
6 Abandoning Georgia, ravagers destroyed tapestry (5)
7 One greedily acquires estate car finally found in Bengal, brand new (4-7)
8 In here saw tit, snatching one look when twitching? (7)
9 Introductory trio of kettledrums follows old court music for small group (6)
11 Model said “Doc, so it’s chronic, this disease from parrots?” (11)
14 Computer component’s universal for once, causing gloom (4)
17 Aroused man’s zest to discover anthers and filaments (7)
19 Composed lassu for audition (4)
20 Trick is to get first of seeds sown around island (6)
22 Standard borne by king supporting outlaw (6)
23 Renovate floor with new synthetic fibre (5)
24 EU imports wine? The opposite, in principle (5)
25 Different relative married lout (5)

Solution to Crossword 42