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Crossword 43

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Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.


A Cook passes inspection, chiefly for very good hygiene (7)
B Live with broken heart, staying in bed mostly (7)
C Officer is firm fellow, but lacking in ego (7)
D Libertine chap's endlessly pursuing daughter, upsetting beau (9)
E A certain amount of jokes, sex-related, made about girls from here? (5)
F In wild excitement, set off flare containing compound of zinc (9)
G Identifying label rejected by St Peter perhaps (7)
H Rash course leads to porridge (5,7)
I Compound of ipecac and potassium is a measure against swelling (7)
J Marshal follows one vehicle or another in the Philippines (7)
K Measure of spirit female served up (5)
L Stage a musical, finally getting Billie break in America (5,7)
M In a roundabout way, German article carries significance? On the contrary, vacuous levity (12)
N In a bad way, however not quite in denial (7)
O Summary at once given to editor (9)
P Little fellow has trouble reversing motor yacht (5)
Q Tubular Bells without cover raised a pound at the outside (7); Open question initially presented by dynasty (5)
R Fret over woman with infectious disease (7)
S Worship corrected a bias towards sadomasochism (7)
T Core of football eleven receiving 50% of capital from European city (7)
U Medical condition affected Marie in Ukraine (7)
V Colour of collar possibly worn around bishop (7,5); Observing struggle with political group  (7)
W Tailless dog died when beaten (7)
X Axes to cut off tops of indigenous American genus of trees (7)
Y You once fired about four on heroin in Jewish school (9)
Z River in South Africa with North African character (7)

Solution to Crossword 43