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Crossword 44

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This is the first Jumbo puzzle I have written, and I produced it in response to the obvious popularity of this type of puzzle. My apologies if the grid is a little small on the printed page it was the biggest size I could use that would fit onto a sheet of A4 on a standard printer.


This puzzle is a tribute to 10 across. Leading definite articles have been ignored in answers relating to his works.
1 10a's work could be first or last, but not first or last (9)
6 Social circle in poet's cottage by lake (7)
10 He scored runs, going after a leg spinner? (5)
13 Dress required for school or university class (7)
14 A woman's back in charge of high priest (7)
15 Film about Orlando's love not half dull (7)
16 10a's work released in compact disc per annum (4,3,12)
18,29d  10a's graphic Water Music? (3,8)
19 Address in Rome's poor quarter (6)
21 See 40a
23 Stage work mostly needs musical backing that's important (9)
25 See 31
28 Made too many copies with superimposed text? (11)
32 Catches infection finally and is ill (5)
33 Coppers ruined one trip to Luxembourg (8)
34 Sleeps soundly after last of mess companion's strong booze (8)
37 One making jokes about name for criminal (8)
39 Young woman in Germany reaching peak (8)
40, 21 10a's work for composers or players (5,6)
42 Concerning rules for solving problem or glitch, I am confused (11)
44 10a's work dismissed in silence I then reworked the introduction (2,3,5)
47 Gutless Dave's ridiculous, deserving mockery (9)
49 Bull-roarer without round or diamond shapes (6)
52 Old vessel housed in nearly inactive port (6)
54 Cut short Christmas, going back a long time (3)
55 Romantic arias nameless German composed about Grand Duke getting wed to the parlourmaid, as an example of one of them? (10,9)
57 Readmit drunk? He may well not (6,1)
58 On fire, trapping unknown number, creating this? (7)
60 Area in tower given to a bush (7)
61 Refuses to eat polyunsaturates, for example, when keeping slim at first (5)
62 Muddle involving eastern home for prayer leader (7)
63 One for raising the standard in Arizona (9)
Unattractively dressed trout conceals bottom? (8)
2 Hatred preached initially from platform (5)
3 They have problems with self-discipline in store (11)
4 A drama unfolds in naval division (6)
5 Empress from Amritsar in Asia (7)
6 Officer has to dash across lake in boat (7)
7 Make leather brown (3)
8 Cuckoo or finch, the famous flyer (10)
9 Delete joke after old flame, say, gets upset (7)
10 Extra single helping to achieve dismissal (11)
11 It's needed for control of road rage? (4-5)
12 New miracle drug institute rejected creates publicity (7)
17 Most fail to catch farewell greeting from Greek town (11)
20 Most of back row chatted, so put into different group (7)
22 Sandwich's location not quite in range of sight (3)
24 On mission to keep up spiteful gossip it's urgent (8)
26 One's sworn at in Ohio (4)
27 10a's work is almost certain to meet problem right in the final pasage (6,5)
29 See 18
30 Italian film-maker's revolutionary ideas framing century (2,4)
31,25 I, Megan, gamine in game created by 10a (6,10)
35 Group tucked into vegetables and old bread in Madrid (7)
36 Formerly subject of Coronation Street (4)
38 Wrinkles giving indications where emphasis lies? (6,5)
40 Religious cult covers platform with flowers (4,7)
41 Mood is very important (10)
43 See 47
45 Steal tree for a game (3)
46 10a's work in 63 not good with advanced Latin (8)
47,43 10a's work of later years finally lost us, having formed a revolutionary precedent (5,2,9)
48 Ennui of socialist during period of economic success (7)
50 Letter from abroad is ridiculously moronic (7)
51 Vagrant's initially put away for murder (4,3)
53 She gets this muddled without right answer (6)
56 Fruit from Antigua varied (5)
59 Freeze regularly in this headgear (3)

Solution to Crossword 44