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Beginners' Puzzle
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This puzzle is significantly easier than the others I have written for this site, and a good place to start if you are just starting out as a crossword solver. There are explanations for each clue on the solution page. If you are a complete beginner don't worry if you can't complete all the clues unaided any cryptic puzzle, no matter how "easy", presents a significant challenge to the first-time solver. Good luck!


1 Came across a record concerning journalist (10)
6 Language of old city belonging to the French (4)
9 They'll get wrongly blamed for heading off escape by animals (10)
10 There's potato in Mum's pudding (4)
12 Style of cooking providing contrasts (5-3-4)
15 Country-loving Irishman in charge of containing disturbance (9)
17 Giving note to terrorists makes one angry (5)
18 One who latches on to another is a sucker (5)
19 Sailor's intent perhaps is to be self-restrained (9)
20 A comment sure upset in due proportion (12)
24 Man told to get on his knees? (4)
25 Boundary rope may produce such a decision (10)
26 E.g. dogs returning from walk (4)
27 Not quite one's best friend on the ship (6,4)
1 Pretty girl gets some food (4)
2 Animal found in sea location (4)
3 Fat little Edward is biased (12)
4 The First Lady touring Oklahoma will awaken memories (5)
5 The thresholds of delights (9)
7 Heartless robbers go off with a pet. The villains! (10)
8 Below, below, below (10)
11 Managed to get clergyman in dead awkward situation (12)
13 They are seeking work after demolition of aspic plant (10)
14 Steam railway takes on head of Railtrack to improve efficiency (10)
16 To perform in a different key, one's parts must be arranged (9)
21 Went on horseback round cowboy show (5)
22 Junk mail from the capital (4)
23 Nothing but a lake (4)

Solution to Beginners' Puzzle