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Crossword 46
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1 See 7
6 A lot of fish (4)
9 Used one's brains and had a party in Japan? (10)
10 Henry needs internet address for Chuck (4)
12 Scout leader knocks back beer and spirit (5)
13 Statesmen are buried here in northern town (not the capital) (9)
14 One suffering harm associated with God?  (6)
15 Scatter random platitudes, chiefly about Earl, to try to impress (4-4)
18 Getting rid of heroin from shiploads caused difficulty (8)
20 A sweetheart catches cold in recess (6)
23 See 7
24 Nicaragua valley bears fruit (5)
25 You will be spotted with this in London borough, as Cockney says (4)
26 Defeated in fight, as Blair was in two capitals (4-3-3)
27 River in centre of West Bank city (4)
28 Most excellent wine collection mentioned in popular book (4,6)

1 Recovered with medical care, not half outstanding (9)
2 Without show of hesitation, pay out painter (7)
3 Advanced reading? (7,5)
4 One goes to pot and is then in hot water (3-3)
5 Reveal third of plot twists following on next page (8)
7,1ac Trounce in fight against coup? (7-10); 7,23ac Turning back (about face) (7-9); 7,11 Information obtained at the bar? (7-12)
8 Peeress exchanges parts with northern singer (5)
11 See 7
16 Extract from American writer? He's hardly Wordsworth! (9)
17 Singer in pub replacing intro to hit single (8)
19 One fishes out dude, according to him? (7)
21 Enjoying a winning streak when included in list (2,1,4)
22 Topless woman carried by black horse (6)
23 Make engraving of hunt (5)

Solution to Crossword 46