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Puzzle 4 by Cerasus

Advanced Wordplay by Anax

Puzzle by Flay

Puzzle by Lutian

Puzzle 2 by Mysti

Puzzle 3 by Poins

Puzzle by CamelPong

Correlativeness by Anax

Anax is a compiler of some experience and his puzzle shows it. His crossword is an enjoyable plain cryptic which shows wit and some excellent cluemanship.
“A Puzzle for 22 ac?” is John’s second offering. This is a superb thematic from an experienced compiler who combines imaginative flair and excellent clueing technique to produce a cracker of a crossword. Epigone’s puzzle is an alphabetical jigsaw. It’s fun and challenging, and is the work of another promising new compiler.
“A Horse and some Sheep” by His Nibs is a barred thematic from a Listener setter – it’s satisfyingly difficult and well worth putting in the effort to solve it.
The puzzle from Poins, another promising new setter, is a straightforward cryptic with an excellent set of clues, which are neat, elegant and have superb surface reading. Anax makes a welcome reappearance with a second puzzle full of clues that will make you chuckle when you get them.
Slovany’s third puzzle is constructed around a long quotation. It is difficult and fun, and meets all the high standards expected from this excellent setter. 
Cerasus will be well known to regulars of this site, and in his third puzzle he combines a deceptive simplicity with some fresh and inventive clues. “B-headed” by Anax is a challenging puzzle with an interesting constraint set upon the clues. It upholds the high standard he has set himself with his two previous contributions.
Anax has also provided an ingenious puzzle combining some of the principles of Sudoku with a cryptic crossword – it’s ingenious, challenging and great fun even for those who find Sudoku puzzles a total mystery! Poins’s second puzzle is a nice thematic in which many of the clues refer to one of the grid answers. Phoebus’s puzzle has a thematic element and is a very enjoyable puzzle from another accomplished new setter. His clues are original and amusing and this is great fun to solve. The puzzle from Stinker, another new setter, is a treat for those who appreciate the style of some of the more extravagant Guardian setters – it strains at the rules but is nevertheless fair and hugely enjoyable.
Yet more promising talent is apparent in the puzzle from Mycroft. This is a very professional effort and I hope you enjoy solving this one as much as I did. Anax’s latest offering is an excellent thematic barred puzzle. It showcases all of the skills that this compiler has proved to possess and is strongly recommended. Mysti is a new setter whose first puzzle suggests we have another compiler on our hands to reckon with – it is a difficult challenge with a clever thematic element in the Down clues.
Cerasus has provided a fourth puzzle which, as always with him, contains concise, unpretentious and above all fun clues. Another treat from Anax, this time a brilliant cyclical puzzle where the wordplay for each clue refers to the subsequent answer. A real treat, this one! I’m pleased to showcase the work of still another promising new compiler. Flay’s puzzle is a satisfying plain cryptic, which I recommend particularly for those who like their puzzles fun but not too complex.
The offering from Lutian is another ideal puzzle for those who like their crosswords original but relatively simple – nice fresh ideas from a new compiler whose enthusiasm for writing puzzles spills over into his clues.
Mysti’s second puzzle
, like his first, has a thematic element. It is elegantly clued and great fun.
Poins’s third puzzle is a straight cryptic, which is another testament to his skill in writing clues that amuse both at surface and cryptic level. CamelPong’s puzzle is an excellent debut here from a compiler of some experience. It has a cricketing theme but strangers to the game need not fear – it is superbly clued and the cryptic elements of the clues give clear and fair directions. Anax has made another excellent contribution with a superb thematic which will test the grey cells of even the best solvers. Not for beginners perhaps but a very rewarding and worthwhile challenge.