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All decent sites should have an FAQ page so here it is. If your question is not answered here don’t hesitate to contact me via the feedback page.

Will there ever be any interactive puzzles?
Can I use these puzzles in my magazine?
Can I advertise on this site?
Why does the content of the mobile and the desktop versions differ?

Will there ever be any interactive puzzles?

I have no plans to introduce such a feature at present. I believe that crosswords are far more fun as a pen and paper exercise!

Can I use these puzzles in my magazine?

See separate article

Can I advertise on this site?

I am glad to link to other crossword sites, and also include a few free plugs for companies and services which have impressed me. I do NOT accept any form of advertising for other sites or products, even if the advertiser is willing to pay. I am pleased to have made this site an advert-free zone in a world which already contains far too much advertising. I do not reply to unsolicited emails about placing adverts on this site.

Why does the content of the mobile and the desktop versions differ?

The mobile version contains all of the crossword articles and most of the non-crossword articles that appear on the desktop view site, in larger fonts to make them more readable on a small screen. I have put PDF versions of the most recent of the crosswords, mine and those from guest setters, on the mobile site as well. I haven’t put all the puzzles on the mobile site because they are print-only (non-interactive) and if you want to print the puzzles, you’re most likely using a PC anyway.

If you are viewing this site on a mobile phone, you should be redirected automatically to the mobile version when you visit the home page or most of the links on the navigation bar of the desktop version. If not, please check that Javascript is enabled in your mobile browser. If that fails, or you don’t want to enable Javascript, click here.

Using “request desktop/mobile view” on your phone will not change one view to another because there are two separate sites rather than a single responsive site. That may not be considered cool among the techies but I’m afraid I have neither the expertise nor the time to create a whole new site from scratch!