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7 Union row sounded silly (8)
9 To unfasten, push almost any buckle (6)
10 A river, one incorporated by Ouse finally (4)
11 Where class is involved in action, but not involved in class action? (10)
12 By which means the retired can do business (6)
14 Old uncle accepts scheme by English member of the staff (8)
15 He's not taken seriously! (6)
16 Priest landed on board in an awkward position (6)
19 "Bird" is a singularly sexist remark (5,3)
21 Excess rainwater gets race cancelled (3-3)
23 Criminal in 10 wanted across the country  (10)
24 A jolly year for host (4)
25 One's getting on with Earl, a lover of Wagner  (6)
26 A saint's corrupted with time becoming this? (8)

1 Wolf's bane eventually appears under another plant (6)
2 A bit of land offers passage, so to speak (4)
3 I take steps to follow good united leadership (8)
4 Regularly shout "Push off!" or suppress it? (4,2)
5 Article on hooligan kicking heroin moved religious student (10)
6 She puts errant theatregoers in their place (8)
8 Being stuck between opposing sides is not so great (6)
13 Police caught lad misbehaving, but it's a minor offence (10)
15 Shrouded in darkness soldier succeeded to reach Russian port (8)
17 Harry Potter's new forebodings (8)
18 Anglo-Saxon character in charge beginning to show moral values (6)
20 Beat Democrat for Daisy's proposed seat? (6)
22 Force American sect to starve (6)
24 Composer overshadowed by Elgar nearly (4)

Solution to Crossword 47