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1 Advantage briefly is given to defence if one's lost ground (9)
6 God's ground (5)
9 Half-heartedly stagger back for joint (5)
10 Future son of God abandons earth to offer assistance to those with a faltering heart (9)
11 Bowled evenly, getting two rookie openers to yield ground (3,8)
14 Trial that may take place at 1ac, 6ac, 11, 13,22 & 20, and 23 (4)
15 Make reluctant skiing instructor direct beginners back to slope (10)
18 Picture representing heartthrob? (10)
19 Goal obtained after introduction of last sub (4)
21 A nerve is not affected by abnormal tipping of organ  (11)
25 English general engages veteran in Vietnam to provide material (9)
26 Backward boy with little education displaying inventive skill (5)
27 Turner Prize finally is given after endless stick (5)
28 In that direction weather's poor always (9)

1 Pupil to pupil: I said study diplomacy! (3,7)
2 To leave cauliflower first of all is a waste (4,6)
3 Director's informed about annoying computer programs (6)
4 Epitomising for your information in writing (9)
5 Chip pan a chore when out of trim? (5)
6 Male bats getting no runs he's not much use (4,4)
7 Dissolute sort's inclination to scrape (4)
8 One prince turns up in Hindu dress (4)
12 Vile wine regularly made awkward problem for its producer  (4-6)
13 Directing one's course to pasture ground (10)
16 A ball secures victory after batting previously (2,7)
17 Italian motorway (part of it) leading south east (8)
20 See 22
22,20 Ground reached by river crossing (5,6)
23 Eggs left in ground (4)
24 Stupid fellow is a lump (4)

Solution to Crossword 49