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Puzzle by Mrs Richards
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"Mrs Richards" (who's actually a man!) sent in this thematic puzzle. It's in the true spirit of  Guardian thematics not surprising, since he's published some work on the Enigmatist web site. The clues for 4 down, 26 across and 8 down are absolute corkers to mention three among a complete set of amusing and imaginative clues.


1/5 Raged about Vera's other half, clutching mad plan from creator of the first 22/24? (the other one 18 19) (5,5,3)
4 Ode for Gold Corporation in fashion (2,6)
9 1 5's fever or tap (4,3)
10 Relax with blue story first (3,4)
11 See 7 Down
12 Williams team's No.1 takes eight points in series (9)
14 Forceful and firm fellow (6)
15 Criminal supplies Ecstasy free with hesitation (8)
18/19 Rumour 18 spread: 1 5's murders were committed here (2,3,3,6)
22 Alien gets shocking treatment in seedy pub from solver (9)
24 See 25 Down
26 Oedipus complex created by God (4,3)
27 Alerted about downtrodden worker (7)
28 Ex-coalmen hold endless boring exercise (to begin with) opposite pit in 1 5's 24 (8)
29 Contributes to Lowry's death, admittedly (5)
1 Thus a twitch of fungus (7)
2 Girl wants a strange thing for evening's entertainment (4,5)
3 Pokes fun at what's on the barbecue (4)
4 They insulate girl's heels, toes and shanks, primarily (6)
5 See 1 Across
6 Do they tear out time's birth? (3,4,3)
7/11 Was this the first 22 24 to reveal oneself to Jagger? (9)
8 Engaged, with each half wearing alloyed ring (2,4)
13 Negotiated to get Italian footballers ranked, one hears (10)
16 Does he look after Prince Andrew's mysterious plague to begin with? (9)
17 The said Hebrew meal will be decreed by the court (8)
18 Such games a popular party choice? (6)
20 Observe student set out with holes in shoes (7)
21 Wall where Muppets perform without piano (6)
23 Trimble's extremists accept former police moratorium (5)
25/24 Grass makes William fib (it goes to 1 5's heart) (8)

Solution to Puzzle by Mrs Richards