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Puzzle 1 by Slovany

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Slovany sent in this puzzle from the Czech Republic. It's a neat little puzzle; the clues are brief and to the point and in almost every case the definition is well hidden by the literal sense of the clue. I particularly liked 12 across and 14 down.


1 Martial art: kendo usually no good for unqualified beginners (4,2)
4 Like the whole point take it for granted (6)
9 Ancient city held by party reject (4)
10 Annoy old Cleopatra's killer with English tariff (10)
11 Fired Steiger without purpose (6)
12 No Lancastrians kiss Tory bum (8)
13 Don't worry: Kelly keeps a higher breed than Bevan's Tory Party! (5,4)
15 First class of French assistant (4)
16 See 24
17 Holbein eats in for convenience (9)
21 Concern Home ruler during trial (8)
22 Open tin lid to get a penny for a pound (6)
24, 16 Dotty and her charades: such money doesn't grow on trees (4-6, 4)
25 Head off Vietnamese capital in return for Scottish island (4)
26 Standard article on Wisdom (6)
27 The legendary King Henry wants primitive art in the first place (6)
1 Opener's opening (7)
2 Wants pressmen on Tyneside (5)
3 Liberty cap off reformed revolutionary (7)
5 Smashing up public transport with traveller aboard (6)
6 Air in UK affected an inhabitant of Lviv, perhaps (9)
7 Allow in French championship (7)
8 Royal 15 from Wigan in t'daily press (4-2-7)
14 Cockney character: 'e 'as to look after 'er! (4,5)
16 Hold on: time to crack Abel's assassin (7)
18 Ablaze then frozen over? The result depends on it (7)
19 ...and he would get his pound of flesh from the Beast of Bolsover? (7)
20 Tebaldi out of turn: what a nerve! (6)
23 Sounds like no sound of a horse (5)

Solution to Puzzle 1 by Slovany