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Extra Time by The Hornet
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The Hornet sent in this rather interesting thematic. It's not particularly difficult but the clueing standard is good and some of the definitions are very amusingly presented. 17 down's rather good as I hope you will agree. This is a puzzle with a nice twist, and you'll kick yourself when you get it!

Solvers should heed the instruction in 13 across


1 Chef, it's said, has a couple of ducks and another bird (6)
5 Burning bush caused by US petrol refinery? (3,5)
9 The QE2 is a joke! (3,5)
10 Panic caused by gangster with gun (5)
11 Dine out with dog piecemeal (2,6)
12 Vehicle, one seen in newspaper look out for one touring around (8)
13 (3,6,2,4)
18 They pay the bill and set up house (8)
20 One depends on the writer rejecting dirt about university lecturer (8)
21 Drink? Not one served by him (5)
22 Tooth or something else from the mouth ends up here (8)
23 Plant's discovered by birds before feline sound is heard (8)
24 Nuclear agency returns holding cat (6)
2 Having currants and raisins originally left out of topping (6)
3 Vegetable stew: half of leek and half of carrot (diced with ends removed) (8)
4 Emperor, perhaps, once seen in ornate torc (8)
5 Cigar left in stew produces this flavour (6)
6 Plant i.e. mint - mostly cooked in broken pot (8)
7 Greek heroine, one found in state capital (8)
8 I bet learner takes a risk playing on these off-roaders (5,5)
12 Outside of university, gets another painting (10)
14 One who imitates bird's heard after a while (8)
15 West London shortly to be demolished? Disappointments evident (3,5)
16 Portion of lasagne is sickly, coarse-grained and rock hard! (8)
17 Dodgy tum? Boil with a bit of salt to prevent this (8)
18 Something put in stuffed capers? (6)
19 Old wine that's to be shipped out (6)

Solution to Extra Time by The Hornet