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Michael's puzzle contains some neatly concealed definitions and his clues generally make excellent literal sense (often the hardest thing to do when writing crossword clues). I particularly like 24 across. Some of his clues are a little naughty (especially 9 across) but in view of the overall quality of the puzzle I don't think that matters.


1 Performed catches in morning on playing-field (7)
5 It's sweet or savoury canapé cooked with a bit of kebab (7)
8 Quick-fry sauce with time to replace temperature scale (5)
9 Turn right and start going behind roundabout where festival is held (9)
11 Did a few household chores in Leap Year? (6-7)
13 Infrequent fights with Spain (6)
16 Ability to beat Liverpool, perhaps (8)
18 Money lake used in clothing production (8)
19 Spanish agreed to eat a cut lamb sausage (6)
24 Supermodel Kate will not be joining this band (7,6)
26 Women should vote by the nineteenth (9)
27 Consumed with energy at noon round tea-break (5)
28 Continues to meditate back in house (7)
29 One's not paid for a friend on rugby tour (7)
1 Stops Steps' side-kick releasing EP (7)
2 Colour the atmosphere turns where swimmers are housed (7)
3 No place for canoe trips (5)
4 Saturate a rising overly-studious person with the Church (6)
5 First vampire movie Lugosi opens with (8)
6 Anger when outsider's promotion is made public (5)
7 International caller firstly after the wrong code (7)
10 Date in yellow headwear (7)
12 Reviewed in some Times article (4)
14 Top talk misses the point (4)
15 Tested sound device in vehicle for Snow (7)
17 Female supporter turns up and tries bothering umpires (8)
20 Woman uses Web to trace article on Lawrence (7)
21 At Annie's get-together, run for more crackers (7)
22 Maybe Christie started getting training help through Amateur Athletic Association (6)
23 Live on rail network wiith student discount (2,3)
24 Reported studies of plants growing in marshland (5)
25 Letter of thanks since parent far away (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Michael