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Puzzle by Trinculo

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Trinculo is a comedy writer who also enjoys compiling puzzles. He says he looks upon each puzzle as a series of short stories and hope to make the solver smile occasionally. He's certainly done that here many of the clues have an an amusing literal sense which cleverly disguises the wordplay. 3 down was my favourite, along with 14 down.


Little Rock could get dashed (6)
4 What tipsy Chingfordian swallows is stimulating (8)
10 Honour Nurse Lord (7)
11 Celebrity Scarlet embraced was nominated again (7)
12 Despatched an awful lot (4)
13 Stress current coin's acceptable at game finally (10)
16 Minister ancient alternative (6)
17 Atom that appears when soot pie is cooked (7)
20 Cheap to show scorn to Penelope (2'5)
21 Way before love depended on such a system (6)
24 Stop organ sounding like it was intended to be kindness (10)
25 A thing I encountered coming back (4)
27 Peasant has stomach pains after bun is nibbled (7)
29 Settlement is not in the mail (7)
30 Office removals (8)
31 Hand tool to cheat (6)
Exercises in journalistic joys? (5-3)
2 Mark and Penny went after a certainty that turned out to be plastic! (7,4)
3 Wife's left elbow strange place to wear earring! (4)
5 Frolicking Sue cares to put a stop to (8)
6 Prisoner's bird you heard Lawrence make up (10)
7 Income support over, Molly starts fad (3)
8 Wander aimlessly and acquire a widget (6)
9 Educate a pirate (5)
14 Hallucinations caused by suspect Parisian pot (11)
15 Jumps over the bar in staff cellars (4-6)
18 In Rimini, mica levels were unfavourable (8)
19 An element of those who find head-banging a pain? (3-5)
22 Was the bill footed thus? No, but the holder of the bill was (6)
23 Give a tip with a painful expression (5)
26 Draw an alien with Swiss identity (4)
28 Explosive hat (3)

Solution to Puzzle by Trinculo