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Puzzle by Katchina

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Katchina sent this puzzle from Zhytomyr in Ukraine. This is an excellent puzzle in its own right, but her achievement is all the greater since English is not her first language. Her clues are perfect in every sense the wordplay grammatically sound and they all make good sense. I loved 10 across, 24 across and 17 down, to name just three. Congratulations, Katchina, or perhaps I should say Поздороаляю!




8 King George I nods off before new relation (8)

9 A rotten lot to present to Her Majesty (6)

10 Travelling up the Eiffel? (2,4)

11 Loose girl eyed with longing (8)

12 High pitch makes old German duck (4)

13 Holding awe-struck actress (6,4)

15 Imposing residence: allowed back in (7)

16 Mount up: my student thus goes round and round (7)

18 Ecologists ken a complicated crawler (5,5)

19 In tandem maybe with Madame Bovary (4)

20 The way a Bay City group member becomes a tramp? (8)

22 Charm the lot on a Yorkshire river (6)

23 England striker one who plays dirty, say? (6)

24 Love, live and die by the book like a well-trained dog (8)



1 Changing the script and getting drastically rid: Antonina's letter's no end different! (15)

2 Where Cody Jarrett was ultimately ecstatic? (2,3,2,3,5)

3 A star performer lugs a broken ankle (10)

4 Cuddle up with arms and broken leg (7)

5 Insular setting like Ely initially (4)

6 Royal official left out children: Balmoral unhappy (4,11)

7 Timid number is a potential Beatles hit (6,9)

14 I'll have to get into bed: how uncouth! (3-7)

17 Just a computer system let's be honest! (4,3)

21 Learning about Flynn losing heart (4)

Solution to puzzle by Katchina