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(5,4,4) by John
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 This puzzle by John is a great challenge difficult, with a clever theme. His mentor is the Guardian setter Paul a fine example to follow and it shows in his clues, which are slick and amusing. I particularly liked 25 across - it's cheeky and shows the sort of inspiration that marks a good compiler. A man of many talents, he is hoping to become the drummer for the Genesis tribute band IT.
Six clues are cryptic indications only. Their answers must be appropriately modified before entry into the grid. 14 across is merely a definition: its cryptic part provides the missing title of the puzzle. All other clues and answers are normal.



1 Jim Delaney's fan base (5,9)

9 Rodent meat with most of the tail (7)

10 Out of position, I called for the mark (7) 

11 Portion of Andorran cheese spread? (5)

12 Greatest of minds supplying food (9)

13 Alone after break-up with Benny (4,6)

14 This is hell (5)

15  Champion died an inspiration for this puzzle? (5)

17 Go for a million in Lincolnshire town – where the action is? (9)

20 Bank's extra rates revised internally (9)

22 Wolf pooh-pooh? (5)

23 L follows O in dance (7)

24 Is it less cramped in Rio? (Rome's chaotic) (7)

25 What would possibly make Whit with appropriate destination? (7,6)



1 Deserter's captured I hear, then shot (9,6)

2 Time's up (John's included as a runner) (7)

3 Get off to hospital with mad cow and splinters (9)

4 Describe near-disastrous capture of traitor (7)

5 Female battle group (7)

6 Supply complete solver's report (5)

7 Did swallows behind spread out in all directions? (7)

8 Lets working man, with trees, into plot (7,3,5)

14 In the ring with gypsy man Sam revived? (6,4)

16 Runs film – that hurt to work on negative! (7)

17 Cross-examined difficult girl under control (7)

18 Bird collecting green mould (4,4)

19 Pisan count Posh exalted on one record? (7)

21 Royal woman surfacing in Northern water (5)

Solution to (5,4,4) by John