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Polvo sent me this excellent puzzle from Portugal. This is a set of imaginative clues, all of which are scrupulously fair to the solver. 5 down and 8 down are paticularly good. She is the second contributor to this site for whom English is not her first language; however her clues show such an accomplished grasp of English grammar and its application to fair and interesting clueing that I would never have guessed this until she told me. Bem feito, Polvo!



1 Kept down South and up with the others, say (10)

6 Manage to produce the same again (4,2)

9 A creature for Spanish model without one (8)

10 Elgar’s lost article in wicked European city (8)

11 Great literary character gets by with a vowel change (6)

12 Rolls in 11 time an’ time again – such a pest! (8)

14 Occasional Mercian ruler beginning to nark academic (3,3,2)

16 Revolutionary year: incite great heat and rough stuff! (8)

19 Star in question tries to change (8)

21 Quixotic ruler’s bombast (6)

22 Country lass follows 15 (8)

23 Flier finds Bond's boss in Josip Broz’s employment (8)

24 Stick in the North could, so to speak, start to work (6)

25 Embellish lousy dregs again (10)



1 Thus Natasha has sadly missed a musical work (6)

2 Edgar Allan keeps quiet for His Holiness (4)

3 Singular talent shown by German raised in Split (4,4)

4 How Baden-Powell was looking to get the drinks in? (8,6)

5 Footballing legend from 22ac heard you say “BO” (7)

7 Swear one in with love for a city in 22ac (6)

8 Greenbaum’s field marshal merging forces (7,7)

13,17 Controversial ice-skater improved night anyroad (5,7)

15 A deviation on the sinister side (4,4)

17 See 13

18 Having a will without top property (6)

20 Three times table hardly required in child’s education initially (6)

22 Fairy serving up some Yorkshire pudding (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Polvo