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Legs Eleven by Smallikoff
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 This thematic puzzle from Smallikoff revolves around one of the grid answers, in the style of some of the thematics which appear in the Guardian. He has done well to get so many thematic answers into the grid, and has produced clues which almost all read smoothly - that's hard to do in this type of puzzle.  It's a difficult crossword and well worth the challenge.



8 Quiet time now for healthy 11 (8)

9 Customer 150 ordered 10 and 1 (6)

10 Ordinary 11 heard to give narration (10)

11 11 has time for one who could produce 24s (4)

12 11 in the morning on Monday the first of September (6)

14 11 Shaking a leg i.e. getting on the road (8)

15 Setter's hobby prompting student to get involved (7)

17 Transporting troops in German capital without 11 (7)

20 Tour of Idaho includes city with old 11 (8)

22 Reprise my role as 11 (6)

24 Eastern film? (4)

25 Legless statue by Eliot shows insight (10)

27 11's sublime with 11's output in it (6)

28 Makes an impression and points to 11 (8)



1 11's work about height and length of plant tissue (6)

2 11 gets cut off, when first in race (4)

3 Sad sonnet about city of 11 (8)

4 11 decomposed larvae at last (7)

5 Be in pain. Be 11 (6)

6 Film is ripe for distribution this makes things easier  (10)

7 11 with the Prince of Wales? (7)

13 Resembling needles and daggers found at freaky disco  (10) 

16 Lacking rich soil? (8)

18 A ragtime composition by 11 (8)

19 First of students to attend university at the start of year 11 (7)

21 A zone polluted with a fetid discharge (6)

23 11 emerges as rioting ensued (6)

26 One attempts to keep clean (4)

Solution to Legs Eleven by Smallikoff