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Puzzle by Zufro
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Zufro sent in this puzzle from  Slovakia. He is a fan of the Guardian's Bunthorne and it shows in his clues - they're difficult and very imaginative in style. In particular he's used the common abbreviations that all crosswords rely on in crafty and original ways, which makes this a very interesting and enjoyable puzzle. I liked 8 across and 6 down in particular.


8 Lord who made 100 batting skilfully after call for quiet (8)
9 Travelling model held in 'igh esteem (2,4)
10 Extreme type omitted milk stout perhaps (6)
11 Australian bounder finds all are docked in court (8)
12 Russian city king takes 21ac no U-turn (4)
13 Be content? I might be doubly shy as a result (4,6)
14 Cloaked ruler dug up the coal (7)
16 Ukrainian cavalryman needing a bag for his lettuce? (7)
19 Tying the knot: somehow 10 twigged (7,3)
21 Traditional tussle in Tokyo adds nothing to the total (4)
22 People again on the other end of the line from Carlisle? (8)
23 Unionist engaged in turning radio frequency band against Russian general (6)
24 Just yours truly changing money with student (4,2)
25 Burn with a little white lie to begin the thread (8)
Ukrainian city zone has you thinking of maximising your resources initially (8)
2 Take the barb from a foreign pirate (6)
3 Ardour fazes them to some extent (4)
4 London location of a displaced Clwyd hospital (7)
5 Like Rousseau's savage initiate in an upper class vein? (5,5)
6 Old World Sky supporter holds up ITN (8)
7 Primitive golfer's warning without a fuss (6)
13 Mutually exchange a note on her (3,7)
15 Classic catcher here at home: they’re out! (2,3,3)
17 In general maybe Greenham lady's without puff (8)
18 Pole with little back-up makes not a sausage (5,1,1)
20 One splits Japanese currency for example without looking (6)
21 Non-American academic workshop (6)
23 Ox from Zambia beginning to break into Brussels (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Zufro