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Puzzle 1 by Cerasus
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This puzzle comes from Australia, thus proving that the appeal of crosswords stretches far and wide.  A Pom living in Oz, Cerasus has only recently started compiling crosswords, and this is a very promising start. His puzzle will appeal to those who do the Daily Telegraph not too hard but neatly clued. I liked 26 across most of all.


 1 Dress supporter in a flurry (6)
 4 Heartless Rabbi contributes to account of Semitic language (6)
 9 Comely union sure to be broken informally (15)
10 Completely remake tiny reel (8)
11 Bring about what is said to be unlawful (6)
12 Avoids being photographed despite easy charm perhaps (6,3)
13 Restore rates of lacrimal secretion (5)
16 In Malta, choose a counter for revolution (5)
19 Lose one's smile act opposite to 9 across (9)
23 Badly mauls you first in refuge (6)
24 Became complex when moved forward (8)
25 Poorness is a life restored when you make it pay (15)
26 In some offices exists a discriminatory individual (6)
27 My son has one remodelled to produce muscle protein (6)
Very good Aussie has an easy windfall (7)
 2 Lacks microorganisms which can't reproduce (7)
 3 The French enigma confused faithful follower (8)
 5 Ark is lost when attacked by one of these? (6)
 6 Gold cross found in small portion of ore (7)
 7 Miner needs a dog, right? (7)
 8 Comply to a rich mixture of many colours (13)
12 Approximately in position by family pet (3)
14 She is to seek redress (3)
15 Ian who kept getting Nev up found it enchanting (8)
17 One reverts emphasis but states boldly (7)
18 Message follows bad hail in capital of Nova Scotia (7)
20 Utterly perplex with "no" to new addition (3-4)
21 Walks over spouse's offspring (7)
22 Entertains us in same arrangement (6) 

Solution to Puzzle 1 by Cerasus