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This puzzle, sent by Canomis from North Moravia, typefies what I like in a puzzle – witty clues that make good superficial sense while still being fair to the solver. 10 across, 19 across and 6 down are excellent clues in this respect, and the slightly risqué nature of 3 down gave me much amusement. A puzzle like this is always a pleasure to solve.


1 Sunday saint keeps Swedish singers in hospital (7)
5 Worried waverers with a Six Counties comeback (2,1,4)
10 Touch and go at the chessboard (4)
11 Founder of the RUC or benefactor concealing leak! (6,4)
12 Simpleton spoilt the beginning of Lorna Doone (6)
13 Limerick man, after dubious call, is okay (3,5)
14 Herein County Mayo Conservative gets nothing (9)
16 Like a German keeping warm (5)
17 Joker's first doubtful moment (5)
19 And Trotsky almost wrecked this Russian port (9)
23 Musical performance suits peer to a T (8)
24 Change the state of Atlanta in a flight of fancy (6)
26 Maladjusted worker half isolated American agents in this (10)
27 Is one right to go before Murdoch? (4)
28 Readable French articles about Little Rock (7)
29 The old garda struggling in American footballers' territory (7)
Lover boy causes a second run out thus (7)
3 About to get into bed and multiply (5)
4 Essayist provides article about gold and its symbolic form (7)
6 Minor problem: Greece's beginning to break her marbles up (6)
7 Beggar abused a pupil's trust (9)
8 Promote a drug Tolstoy consumed (7)
9 Stuff Raphael in a rap composition (13)
15 Her Pharaonic Majesty lifted two objects on a Norfolk bog (9)
18 One's fuel consumption including fashionable English drive (7)
20 Story concerning rising against Fitzgerald (7)
21 Love struck LA 25 (7)
22 So turn on Lily, oddly, and go for a walk (6)
25 King George I bearing Germany's drudgery (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Canomis