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This nice puzzle from Wordsworth is another excellent example of clues which read well in the superficial sense while being fair to the solver. I found 28 across, 6 down and especially 1 down to be especially neat clues. Wordsworth has been compiling puzzles of various types for some time and is hoping to make a living from it on the strength of this puzzle he should go far. He appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire a few years ago (and won £64,000), so if you get stuck with this puzzle, try phoning a friend!


1 Aggressive swimmer identified by scrambled Cuban radar NATO's first to go (9)
6 Copper piece about the length of one's forearm (5)
9 Idly swallows new drink, one without flavour (9)
10 Bible covered by little Scots cloth (5)
11 Get on the right side of man involved with euro disaster (7)
12 He doesn't believe he is in a dry environment (7)
13 Get cash for old silver (8)  
15 These days, it is used to hold useful information (6)
17 Give up on translating Greene (6)
19 Western location where films are made after Morse has been decoded (8)
22 Get a little professional help (7) 
23 English exile capturing island first is seen to make amends (7)
26 Fantastic trick produced by worker in charge (5)
27 Attendants give command to tell tall tales? (9)
28 Racecourse has no field, but this grass remains? (5)
29 Papers prepared here show Arabs going backwards and in all directions (9)
Person walking in front of a train (5)
2 20 thanks one of his followers? (5)
3 Vase (a golden one) found to contain speed (7)
4 Two foreign articles get older, but not old enough (8)
5 Haphazard, no matter what road is taken? (6)
6 Civic leader showed off neat home (7)
7 Pleases club, provided one is given points (9)
8 Handling medication (9)   
13 "On the Continent" short answer to "Where do they live?" (9)
14 Twisted criminal legally wrong to confront head reporter (9)
16 We'd returned after sweet fruit (8)
18 University in Indian resort uses revolutionary method of painting (7)
20 Eastern politician, monarch or ruler (7)
21 Celebrity found in literature, now neglected (6)
24 Spanish mate has a game against his French counterpart (5)
25 Stops taking top off, and relaxes (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Wordsworth