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Puzzle by Troll

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Troll sent in this puzzle from Norway, where he now lives. Crossword writing runs in his family; his father has contributed puzzles to The Puzzler and The Sun for over 40 years and Troll has made his own contributions to these publications. This is a nice puzzle which makes excellent use of the variety within the English language the clues are fair while at the same time providing some amusing red herrings. I particularly liked 24 across and 3 down.


1 Got the wrong order in deprived area of town (6)
4 Bloodshed involving Italian brings a lump to the throat (6)
8 Salvages planter, back about 1st March (7)
9 Arabs in theory partial to a drink (7)
11 Left-winger returning with illness to train off-track? (10)
12 National draw announced (4)
13 Rig tennis games at university (3-2)
14 Inferior silver from the Orient it's not mature enough (8)
16 Brush etc discarded by creator of unfinished work? (8)
18 Game ambassadors in the Civil Service (5)
20 Geordie Sunday school head (4)
21 Flat tyre, it sounds like, on old banger (6-4)
23 Appeals to a radio presenter leading to silly ruse (7)
24 Rubble includes pound of Irish stone (7)
25 Con lied terribly about doctor (6)
26 Dress supported back east (6)
1 Uplifting, say, hiding to watch birds (5)
2 Stylish Eastside worker (7)
3 Photographic technique using plate semi-developed (4-5)
5 Alternative part of range (5)
6 Tango with ones better half leads to bad wind! (7)
7 Loses affection for sergeants' mess! (9)
10 Discount reasoned argument (9)
13 Broadcast about upstart cricketers was a winner (9)
15 Contest where clan do the fling? (9)
17 Not fit for a French stable! (7)
19 Boycott's MBE misplaced on ship (7)
21 Great increase (5)
22 Former official to queen risen to first lady (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Troll