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This puzzle from Marvin uses a Radio Times style grid, in that no number is shared by an across and a down clue. Hence a single list of clues is sufficient. It's a nice cryptic with a very clever gimmick, which should become apparent once the grid has been completed. There is an explanation of this on the solution page.


Midday food including a bit of wadding from which Apollo was shot, amongst many (6,3)
2 Typographic layout involving caryatids, possibly (8)
3 Cry out our quahog should go first (7)
4 Ask: was it turning too far right, symbolically? (8)
5 Much ballyhoo found at a fairground (4-2)
6 Slowly start to kill animals, causing row (5)
7 Jocular chap aboard cart (5)
8 Hard knock to light way of burning off paint, say (9)
9 Hold up! Don't go! (4)
10 Conscript's in conduit (6)
11 Wrongly put as "pimply", possibly? (8)
12 Whip hanky out ta! (5,3)
13 Irish intimidators start to quail in this hot country (4)
14 "You twit," says Stan to comic pal? That's rash (9)
15 Shout out from a military building (7)
16 It's going round sun on tracks with a sort of thrombosis (8)
17 Dub carton "thing to ring from" (4,3)
18 Initially lacking in puns or good rational anagrams must show what this crossword is (8)
19 Look into top of cranium for a mollusc (7)
20 Old autocrat not finishing crazy mix-up (4)
21 Tacky path? (6)
22 It throws Kitty a poor, untidy London taxi, initially (8)
23 Canopy's put aslant (4)
24 A position by a batsman is absurd (5)
25 Virtuous as a harpsichord (8)
26 Catalog fruity mix as "a standstill" (3,3)
27 Put shroud round capacity for a lavatory (9)
28 Vulgar jollity at Oxford? (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Marvin