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Puzzle 2 by Slovany
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Since his first puzzle appeared on this site, Slovany has had considerable success as a compiler - he's had some puzzles published on the Enigmatist website under the pseudonym Bazaly, and one of his crosswords has appeared on the Crossword Centre's pages. In addition he's worked tirelessly to introduce the joys of cryptic crosswords to his Czech colleagues in Plzeň. This is a  plain barred puzzle which employs a balanced mix of  obscure and common vocabulary. As one can expect from Slovany,  all his clues are scruplously fair and there are some absolute gems notably 10, 14 and 26 across.



One looks forward to 4's guilt somehow (12)
9 Burdened student playing dead amongst the academic publishers (8, two words)
10 Buckeyes here expressing surprise at this number? (4)
11 One runs in the field (4)
12 War enacted in this theatre (5)
13 Type of acid can turn one into a churchgoer! (6)
14 Retrieved, as it were, a Roman cover (4)
17 Spenser's fire destroyed fire-screen without the poet's extremities! (8)
18 Primitive woman entering the House of Poe (5)
20 Pot accepted on both sides of this Samoan island (5)
22 Indian language master's first in the end (5)
23 Saki's alternative colliers rejected (5)
24 American pop artist keeps order with one Balkan guerilla (8)
26 Premium bond's initiator ignored responsibility (4)
27 Pollen carrier scorched new earth (6)
28 Floral preservative for the family at home (5)
29 Pitch to short stop initially (4)
30 Story of Maugham's fall (4)
31 Spoil the rhythm with me accepting dubious merits (8)
32 Making a plea to bury parliamentary procedure, say (12)

1 Soames' daughter without a name becomes a street-walker (7)
2 15 city needs sharp turn (5)
3 Dependent priest joining Parisian railway (6)
4 Bold piece alternately lyrical (4)
5 Lulu's little foot tapping makes us wild with desire (7)
6 Best missing his second round with us: that's beautiful! (8)
7 Transgression by English copper on a cushy number (8)
8 Sounds like Tootsie's drag out of the Bard (5)
15 One isn't a new woman from Tallinn, perhaps (8)
16 Diminutive Newton in charge of the fair sex (8)
19 Flexible tail-ender evidently entering the City (7)
21 Get rough Tory bum inside! (7)
23 Centrepiece of 16's manuscript notes (6)
24 Irritate the home nations, raising sword (5)
25 Lawrence's love object lifted loincloth (5)
27 Part of the Church's downfall? Not half! (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Slovany